Using Pest Control As Preventative MaintenanceUsing Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

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Using Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

A few years ago, I experienced a personal breakthrough as a homeowner. I realized that I waited to call pest control until my bug problem had grown out of control. Instead of simply controlling pests, we would have to work through from square one each and every time we wanted to resolve the problem. However, my pest control guy gave me some advice that has stuck with me since that day. He explained that we should consider using pest control as preventative maintenance. Since then, I have pest control spray regularly every 3-6 months, whether there are bugs in my house or not. Tips like these can be found in the articles on my website.


Preparing To Have Your Home’s Crawl Spaces Encapsulated

The crawl spaces in your home are areas of the house that you may not visit very often. This can make it easy to underestimate the role that these areas will play in the house as well as the types of problems that they may experience. Encapsulating the crawl spaces can be an extremely effective option for addressing these issues, but homeowners may not understand the types of problems that crawl space encapsulating can address or the process that is involved with this work. Read More