Using Pest Control As Preventative MaintenanceUsing Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

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Using Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

A few years ago, I experienced a personal breakthrough as a homeowner. I realized that I waited to call pest control until my bug problem had grown out of control. Instead of simply controlling pests, we would have to work through from square one each and every time we wanted to resolve the problem. However, my pest control guy gave me some advice that has stuck with me since that day. He explained that we should consider using pest control as preventative maintenance. Since then, I have pest control spray regularly every 3-6 months, whether there are bugs in my house or not. Tips like these can be found in the articles on my website.


How To Keep Pests Out Of The Office

Ants, mice, and other pests are definitely unwanted guests at the office. Unfortunately, break rooms and even workstations can lure these pests with the promise of food and protected nesting areas. The following tips can help you keep your office pest-free.

Tip #1: Implement daily cleaning

Avoiding open containers and crumbs is the main way to prevent pests. Break rooms, in particular, can be overly attractive to pests. Make it policy that food cannot be left out on counters or tables. All counters and tables should also be wiped down at the end of every workday with a disinfecting solution. Floors should be swept as well. This ensures there are no crumbs or sticky messes left behind to attract any pests.

Tip #2: Secure all food 

Pantry storage can be a problem. Open packages allow pests access to food. Even some closed packages aren't pest-proof, especially if rodents are a concern. All food items should be put inside heavy plastic or glass storage bins with tight-fitting lids. Make it policy that all lids must be tightly closed. Even sugar packets for the coffee station should be kept in a tightly sealed container to ensure that pests aren't attracted by them. Keep in mind, that some employees like to keep snacks or emergency food at their desk. Enforce a policy that desk stores must also be kept in approved air-tight containers or implement a system of sealed storage lockers in the break room where employees can keep their personal pantry items.

Tip #3: Empty trash daily

Empty wrappers and food residue covered items in the trash can are another pest attractant. Even with cleaning services, trash cans can still be a problem. This is because most offices aren't professionally cleaned daily. You could require that staff only toss food-related garbage in break room cans, which are emptied daily, but this can be difficult to enforce. For this reason, enact a policy of emptying all break room and desk trash cans daily, whether they are full or not.

Tip #4: Have a monitoring plan

Finally, enact a system for monitoring for pests. Monitoring stations, such as sticky traps, set near possible entrances into the building as well as inside cabinets and in other areas where pests are likely to be active. Check these sticky traps weekly to make sure there are no pests finding a way into your office.

If you do notice pest activity, act quickly and contact a commercial pest control company immediately.