Using Pest Control As Preventative MaintenanceUsing Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

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Using Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

A few years ago, I experienced a personal breakthrough as a homeowner. I realized that I waited to call pest control until my bug problem had grown out of control. Instead of simply controlling pests, we would have to work through from square one each and every time we wanted to resolve the problem. However, my pest control guy gave me some advice that has stuck with me since that day. He explained that we should consider using pest control as preventative maintenance. Since then, I have pest control spray regularly every 3-6 months, whether there are bugs in my house or not. Tips like these can be found in the articles on my website.


Tips For Dealing With Voles In Your Yard

Voles are small rodents that can be misidentified as a mouse, and these pests are typically found outdoors in residential yards. No homeowner wants voles in their yard — they can dig tunnels and cause damage to landscaping and vegetation, so if you see one or more voles, it is important to take action fast and do what you can to eliminate the problem. If you ignore voles in your yard, the population can grow and turn into a vole infestation. If you have spotted a vole in your yard, take the following steps:

Reduce Vegetation Cover

Since voles are small in size, they feel most comfortable in areas where there is dense vegetation cover and they can stay hidden as they run around. Thus, if you have seen a vole, it is important to cut your grass short, get rid of all weeds in your yard, and cut back bushes and plants so the voles do not have any easy places to hide and remain undetected. In addition to yard clean up, make sure you do not store your firewood out in the open, as it creates a prime hiding spot. Instead, place firewood in a container with a lid.

Consider Live Vole Traps

Another way to get rid of voles is by investing in live vole traps. These traps should be placed near nesting sites (typically found near the base of trees or bushes), or in the pathways or burrow openings. When a vole is caught in a live trap, you will need to make arrangements to relocate it. Using vole traps can take some time, and you will need to be consistent about checking the traps regularly.

Protect Your Garden

If you have a vegetable garden in your yard, it is likely very attractive to voles since they have a vegetarian diet. The good news is that voles are not avid climbers, so encircling your garden with fine mesh that is around a foot high should keep them out. If voles do not have a good source of food, they are less likely to want to live in your yard.

Contact a Pest Control Company

When you're dealing with a problematic vole infestation, your best bet is to contact an experienced pest control company. Pest control companies are able to use rodenticides and baits that are not available for the general public to purchase. Rodenticides and baits can be highly effective in controlling a vole infestation. If you need rodent control for your yard, visit a pest control company.