Using Pest Control As Preventative MaintenanceUsing Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

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Using Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

A few years ago, I experienced a personal breakthrough as a homeowner. I realized that I waited to call pest control until my bug problem had grown out of control. Instead of simply controlling pests, we would have to work through from square one each and every time we wanted to resolve the problem. However, my pest control guy gave me some advice that has stuck with me since that day. He explained that we should consider using pest control as preventative maintenance. Since then, I have pest control spray regularly every 3-6 months, whether there are bugs in my house or not. Tips like these can be found in the articles on my website.


3 Ways To Treat Cockroaches

If you see one cockroach, that means that there are probably 1,000 more hiding in your walls somewhere. The longer you take to get the problem under control, the harder it is going to be to do. As soon as you see a roach, you need to start working on controlling them so that you can get rid of the roaches. If you live in an apartment or any kind of housing where you share common walls with another unit and one of your neighbors mentions that they have roaches, you should start doing control techniques immediately, because you want to make sure none of them come into your house. So, what are some things that you can do to control roaches so that you can get rid of them?

Secure Food Storage

One of the things that you can do is to store your food securely. One way to do that is to put any open food in a plastic or metal container. This is an especially good idea for things that you are going to be getting into regularly, like coffee, flour, sugar, and cereals. Make sure that the containers seal tightly because roaches can get into tight spaces. You should also make sure that you wipe down the outside of the container if it gets sticky or dirty because that could attract roaches. Make sure that you clean up any crumbs that end up on your counter as well. 

Bait Stations

You can also place bait stations. These stations have insecticides in them that attract the roaches. The roaches will go into the bait stations, eat some of it, and carry it back to the nest, which can poison off the rest of the nest. Do be aware that some of these stations can be toxic to children and pets, so check out the information before you put the baits down. 


A really good idea is for you to call an exterminator. They can place various chemical barrier methods down which can help to keep roaches from getting into your house as well as leave bait stations or other kinds of treatments that will help to get rid of the roaches and keep any more from getting a foothold. Make sure you talk to the exterminator if you have pets or children so that the treatment can be placed where they can't be easily reached. 

Cockroaches don't mean that you have a dirty house. They are opportunistic and will get into any crumbs or spaces they can. That means that if you see one, you need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to get them under control. Reach out to a pest control company to get help with cockroach treatment.