Using Pest Control As Preventative MaintenanceUsing Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

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Using Pest Control As Preventative Maintenance

A few years ago, I experienced a personal breakthrough as a homeowner. I realized that I waited to call pest control until my bug problem had grown out of control. Instead of simply controlling pests, we would have to work through from square one each and every time we wanted to resolve the problem. However, my pest control guy gave me some advice that has stuck with me since that day. He explained that we should consider using pest control as preventative maintenance. Since then, I have pest control spray regularly every 3-6 months, whether there are bugs in my house or not. Tips like these can be found in the articles on my website.


Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Termites From Penetrating Your Home Underground

One of the places where termites are most likely to penetrate a home is underground. Termites often live in the soil surrounding a home, and their population can build up in the soil if it provides an ideal living environment for them. Fortunately, you can prevent termites from entering your home underground with the following five helpful tips: Don't put mulch right up against your home's exterior Mulch tends to attract termites because it is made up of small wood pieces that they can easily eat. Read More 

Three Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away

In order to keep your home at its best, you will need to do all you can to remove pests and prevent them from coming back once you've gotten rid of them. This is especially true when it comes to bed bugs. You'll want to pinpoint bed bugs in your home and call in a professional that can assist you with remediation. To this end, read on and apply the tips below in order to eradicate your bed bug problem as quickly as possible. Read More 

Dealing With Termites

The problem with termites is that they are completely silent and travel underground most of the time, so you usually do not realize that you have a problem until it is much to late. A termite colony might make their way into the woody parts of the home such as the framing. This is obviously bad because it can structurally make your house very weak. So, it is important that you take some action as soon as possible. Read More 

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite: 4 Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Most homeowners do not want pests in their homes. From roaches and spiders to mice and termites, these pests can wreak havoc on the structure and overall health of a home. Proper understanding and prevention can help protect your home and family, but certain pests may still make their way into your personal space. Considering one in five Americans have had bed bugs in their home or know someone who has dealt with these bugs, understanding these small, unappealing, and dangerous pests is key. Read More 

Tips For Protecting Your Stored Belongings From Pests That Can Destroy Them

Whether you are storing some of your personal belongings in the basement or up in the attic, you will need to make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to ensure that everything will be safe from pests. To do this, you will want to read through the following tips and then put that advice to good use. Keep Food Far Away Not only do you want to make sure that you are not storing any food in the area where you are storing your valuable possessions, but also make sure that you aren't even eating any snacks in that area while you move things or look for items you want to take out of storage. Read More